AmpLAfy Episode 6

April 14, 2021Podcast
Phantom limb pain affects up to 98% of amputees - and yet, despite this huge figure, research in this area remains limited. Dr Soori and Kim Lyons, both specialists in this area, examine what phantom pain and sensation actually are, and explain the latest treatments and developments, while above knee amputee David Rose shares his [...]

AmpLAfy Episode 5

March 31, 2021Podcast
When faced with any major life change or challenge, we humans have an incredible capacity for resilience. However, we often don’t realise this until we have to. From the world of work to going on holiday, amputees are perhaps more aware than most people that there is more than one conventional way to do things. [...]

AmpLAfy Episode 4

March 17, 2021Podcast
When you lose a limb, the reactions from people around you can be varied and unpredictable. Many people simply don’t know what to say. Amputation is a trauma – not just for the individual, but also for their family and friends. Many close family members experience psychological trauma as a result, and may put their [...]

AmpLAfy Episode 3

March 3, 2021Podcast
How to set and achieve goals, from small steps to big dreams. As humans, achieving targets we set ourselves brings natural satisfaction. Think about crossing off a to-do list, finishing the housework, handing in a big project or crossing the finish line of a run. The satisfaction of completion fulfils us all, in many ways, [...]

AmpLAfy Episode 2

February 17, 2021Podcast
When you look in the mirror, what do you see? When it comes to our appearance, we all have good days and bad days – and this perception of ourselves is a huge determiner of both our mood and our confidence. When you lose a limb, your body changes. It makes sense, therefore, that your [...]

AmpLAfy Episode 1

February 3, 2021Podcast
Whatever your age and whatever the cause of amputation, the psychological impact of losing a limb is huge. With such a seismic and shocking change to life, it’s natural that the mind can be just as affected as the body. In this episode, Tracy Ralph tells her story of losing both her legs and her [...]