Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

At the Limbless Association, we want to support and empower all amputees to lead independent and fulfilled lives.

Our Vision

A world where amputees of all ages are not disadvantaged by their disability and able to achieve rehabilitation and independence in hospital, home, education, employment and the community.

Our Values


We treat people as individuals and how we would wish to be treated ourselves.


We do the right thing, not the easy thing – even if it takes more time and effort.


The LA embraces, encourages and celebrates diversity and strives to be inclusive in all aspects of its work.

The LA will support its members, volunteers and staff to enable them to develop and thrive as individuals and as a team encouraging resilience and adaptability.

We don’t settle for OK; we are determined to ensure quality in all our activities and aim to achieve more.


Our services and projects will be developed and delivered with high levels of competence, efficiency and quality at their heart.

The LA will be optimistic in its outlook and aspirational in all areas of the support it offers and looks to develop; practical and holistic.

We will develop stakeholder relationships and endeavour to be considered a reliable, consistent and competent partner by the limb loss community.

Our Services