How to access a Volunteer Visit

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Our Volunteer Visitor peer mentoring programme provides vital one-to-one support for individuals both pre- and post-amputation who require practical information and emotional support through their limb loss journey. 

Thanks to National Lottery community funding, the VV programme has been further enhanced to provide support to more amputees as well as providing training and support to our wonderful team of volunteers.

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What is a Volunteer Visit?

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How can a Volunteer Visitor help me?

How to refer into the service and request a Volunteer Visit

`` Often, the best person to support you during your limb loss journey is someone who has been through the same journey as you. ``

How do I become a volunteer?

Our Volunteer Visitor programme is an essential support service that ensures no amputee need cope alone. If you are over 18 years old, at least 2 years post-amputation and would like to help support other amputees then please visit our Become A Volunteer Visitor page to find out more.

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