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Training To Be An Amputee

Free face-to-face learning and support in Essex for amputees and their families in Mid and South Essex.

The Limbless Association recognises the excellent work of clinicians in their management of the rehabilitation process for amputees. However, amputees and their families live the majority of their lives beyond the clinic room.

Our work tells us that access to the right information and holistic support for amputees, including peer networks, is vital to living best lives beyond limb loss. Training to be an Amputee compliments and collaborates with the work of clinicians to ensure that no amputee need cope alone.

“This course has made me realise that I’m not alone, that I’m not the only person like this. The LA completely changed that for us – I’m not sitting there alone.”

Running in Billericay, Southend and Chelmsford throughout 2024

Contact the LA’s Training and Development team by emailing TDO@limbless-association.org or calling 01277 402331 to find out more about specific dates and locations.

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Training to be an Amputee participants tell us that on completion of the course they feel:

Well informed about day to day life with limb loss
An improved sense of wellbeing
Supported in their limb loss journey
Less isolated from others
Confident since my limb loss/amputation
Well informed about the services and support available to amputees
Well informed about amputation and recovery (what next)

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