I attempted this climb for the first time. I have to say that there was much trepidation. I have never done anything like this before. When you arrive at the O2 and start looking up you get an idea of what’s ahead.

What impressed me from the start was the energised engaged approach that everyone at the venue had. You definitely didn’t get the impression that this was just another day at the office. The run-up to the climb is very well-ordered and broken down. Each part of the preparation is broken down to allow you to understand why you need what’s prescribed.

The building itself is still amazing though there is much more to know about its alignment with the prime meridian and the dimensions of the building which also align with intervals of time. When you stand at the foot of the first part of the climb the challenge meets you head-on, this is where your guides really come to your aid.

They encourage, they support.

I really struggled on the up section and Mark my guide gave me so much support, he allowed me the time I needed to progress, and he also offered me water. Making it to the top was a massive effort for me only really made possible by Mark. The views from the top are really amazing. You are afforded time to really appreciate the fruit of your labours, it’s breathtaking. Then returning down, though it was easier when gravity worked in my favour the support was still fantastic.

Thinking about the experience after the event, it was amazing, if a struggle for me. I would advise folk to hydrate well before they come. I would also advise to bring some grippy gloves. The guide cables used both up and down can be abrasive on your hands.

Thanks again to the crew at Up at the O2 for taking such very good care of our group and to Mark for helping me make this trip possible.

Join this years O2 Climb

This year we’re excited to be supported by our event sponsor Anthony Gold Solicitors LLP with several of their team joining the climb too. On 21st September at 3:15pm we’ll be once again taking on the challenge of the amazing O2 Climb followed by a post-climb celebration at 5:30pm.

Scaling one of London’s iconic landmarks is no mean feat and to share this experience with fellow amputees in the spirit of peer support and camaraderie is a wonderful way to be taking on this adventure.

Place numbers are limited and the last few places are remaining. Places are offered free of charge to LA members and their plus ones. For more information and to book your spot, click here.