Thinking of walking over the O2? You would think that a fear of heights would stop you from taking on that challenge, but you are only ever a few feet about the dome surface and even when you look out across the dome it still does not look that high.

The actual climb does take a lot of effort the slope is steep in places both going up and coming down, but the view from the top is amazing and worth the effort and a sense of achievement. Climbing with fellow amputee’s just spurs you on.

Join this years O2 Climb

This year we’re excited to be supported by our event sponsor Anthony Gold Solicitors LLP with several of their team joining the climb too. On 21st September at 3:15pm we’ll be once again taking on the challenge of the amazing O2 Climb followed by a post-climb celebration at 5:30pm.

Scaling one of London’s iconic landmarks is no mean feat and to share this experience with fellow amputees in the spirit of peer support and camaraderie is a wonderful way to be taking on this adventure.

Place numbers are limited and the last few places are remaining. Places are offered free of charge to LA members and their plus ones. For more information and to book your spot, click here.