If you’ve decorated the outside of your house, office or shop for Christmas, your lights could be supporting lives beyond limb loss!

Please ask passers-by, your colleagues or customers to make a donation to the Limbless Association as they enjoy your festive display.

We’ve created a festive poster for you to print out and display, explaining that you are supporting the LA and how they can donate by text or using our dedicated Donr page.

How to donate

We have created a dedicated Donr page for you to donate through, or you can use our text to donate feature by texting 2TOLA to 70085.

When you text 2TOLA to 70085, you will receive an acknowledgement saying you have donated £2.00 to the Limbless Association. You will then receive another text asking you whether you want to add Gift Aid which is open to all UK taxpayers and costs the donor nothing. If this is yes, you will be asked to complete a simple form (for HMRC purposes) and after that, you will receive an acknowledgement with a transaction number. The donation has still only cost £2.00! If you do not wish to add Gift Aid, please ignore the text. 

Festive Photos

If you’ve got your decorations and poster up, email a picture of you holding the poster in front of your decorations to lana@limbless-association.org for us to share across our social media and our favourite festive photo will win a prize!

Thank you for your amazing support and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas from Team LA.