Getting enough sleep is important for your mental, physical and emotional health – but there are many factors that can disrupt your sleeping patterns and keep you up at night, including the current hot weather. 

Psychological specialist Kim Lyons recently gave a Virtually Speaking themed talk on the science of sleep, including useful tips and advice for amputees. You can watch the video of her talk below and also read her article on how to get a good night’s rest in the new Summer edition of StepForward magazine.

Kim’s top tips for sleeping well in a heatwave include:

• Keep hands and feet out of the duvet

• Sleep alone

• Sleep on your side – this exposes a larger portion of your body to the air, letting the heat escape 

• Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes before going to bed 

• Use linen with natural fibres, such as cotton

• Make an iced rice sock and apply to your pulse points.