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Friday 31 March 2023, 6pm until 9pm

The LA's Virtual Event of the Year!

“You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying..!”(Fame 1980)

It’s awards season and once again we’re ready to celebrate and party! There’s no better time than the LA’s 40th year. The charity was ‘born’ in 1983 and for one night only we’re embracing all things 80’s.

This is the decade of big hair and loud colours. Whether punk, new romantic or 2 tone and ska were your thing it’s time to embrace the Rah rah, don the legwarmers, dust down the shoulder pads or dig out your cherished (and now faded) Guns N’ Roses T-shirt – if it still fits of course! However, if none of this means anything to you, we’re sure the music and the movies of the 80’s will. So dress up 80’s style or in your HolLAywood best and join us for a night of 80’s glamour and fun for all.

Unleash Your Inner 80s Diva

Whether you’re in Belfast, Bridgend, Banff, Bristol, Birmingham, or wherever you are across the LA LA Land it’s round to yours. Get together with family and friends, theme your 80’s HolLAywood evening and unleash your inner 80’s Diva! Or simply come as your fabulous selves darlings – Black Tie and glammed up.

Back by popular demand is our ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ Best Dressed Awards and your chance to Walk the LA’s Red Carpet – virtually. Test your 80’s knowledge with our Phone Home Movie quiz and get ready for our LA LA Singalong.  We’ll also be celebrating this year’s wonderful LA-academy, award winners.

Join us to Burn the House Down with Every Breath You Take and Let’s Dance, sing and quiz the night away. How are we Supposed To Live Without You? If you don’t join us on the 31st!

Host Your Own HolLAywood Spectacular Party

Perhaps you can’t make our HolLAywood Spectacular evening, but you feel the urge to dress to the 9’s, bring out your neon leotard or leg warmers! Why not host your very own HolLAywood Spectacular party at home or at work? Invite your friends, family or colleagues, dress to impress and help raise vital funds for the Limbless Association.

Get the bubbly on ice, defrost the canapés, call your driver and have them drop you to your LA-cademey Award-winning party.

Ask your guests to make a donation to the LA by texting 5STAR to 70450 to donate £5, or click the button below to donate a custom amount to support the Limbless Association.

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