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Limb Loss Legal Panel

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Donate Now

You are the reason we can keep providing our vital services.

If you have any questions about making a donation to us, call us on 01245 216 670 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Make a Regular Donation



Become a life long friend and give regular support

Your committed, regular donation allows us to provide support for life for all amputees and their families.  Knowing that you will be making this regular gift each month or year means that we can plan today for those that may need our help in the future. You can make a regular donation by clicking on the Donate button above. 

Make a Single Donation



Donate on-line: Please click the Donate button above.  

Donate by post: Send a cheque, made payable to 'Limbless Association' to: Limbless Association, Unit 10, Waterhouse Business Centre, 2 Cromar Way, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2QE

Donate by telephone: Call us on 01245 216670 or 0800 6440185.  The office is open from 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM Monday to Friday.  Remember to have your card details ready when you call.

By text: Text “LIMB30 £3″ to 70070 to donate £3. 100% of your donation will come directly to the Limbless Association.  The cost of the text message is free and there is also an option to include Gift Aid  - an extra 25% of the value of the donation will be given to the charity for free.  Your donation will be collected as either a mobile phone credit or via your monthly phone bill.

Payroll Giving

Giving directly from your monthly salary is a simple, tax-free way to help the Limbless Association.  The Limbless Association benefits from Payroll Giving as it is a valuable, long term source of revenue providing regular income which helps us to budget and plan ahead effectively.  It is flexible, costs you less and can be used by anyone who pays UK Income Tax to give regularly and on a tax free basis!

A monthly gift of £20 will only cost you £12 if you are a higher-rate taxpayer, or £16 if you are a basic-rate taxpayer.  Employees choose how much they want to give each month and the donation then comes off their gross pay. 

To find out more speak to your employer or for more information please contact Charity Manager   on 01245 216 670 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gift Aid

Fact: Around £750 million goes unclaimed because donors forget to sign a Gift Aid declaration. This money can make a vital difference to charities.

When is a £1 worth £1.25? - When you Gift Aid it!  Make your donation worth at least 25% more.  If you pay UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax, your donations can be worth at least 25% more to the Limbless Association – at no extra cost to you.  We can reclaim the tax on all of your future donations and those made by you in the past six years if you notify us that you are a UK taxpayer.  We can continue to reclaim Gift Aid until you notify us that you no longer pay any tax in the UK.

It does not matter what rate of tax you pay, so long as it is equal to the tax that we reclaim on your donation.  This will not affect your tax status at the end of the year or cost you an extra penny, as Gift Aid allows the charity to reclaim the tax you have already paid on your income (and/or interest) as you have now donated this money to charity.

Please download, print, sign and return the Gift Aid Declaration Form 

Give with Confidence

The Limbless Association has agreed to adhere to a strict set of codes and a fundraising promise committing us to treat the public with respect, fairness, honesty and clarity in all our money raising activities.

Charity Commission: The Limbless Association is a registered charity with the Charities Commission in England, Wales & Northern Ireland (Registered Charity Number 803533) and Scotland (Registered Charity Number SC042256). The Charities Commission is the lead regulator for the Limbless Association.

Registered fundraising: We ask all of our fundraisers to register their event or challenge with us and all registered fundraisers will have been given a ‘Letter of Authority’. If you want to make sure that an event is registered with the charity, ask for a copy of the ‘Letter of Authority’ and contact Charity Manager Deborah Bent on 01245 216670 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Charity Boxes: All of our Charity boxes are registered to a set location and are sealed. If you have any query about fundraising, please contact us on 01245 216670.