Richard has completed his walk around the M25!
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From Richard and the Limbless Association – Thank you for your support!

Richard McChesney circumnavigated the M25 on foot non-stop 5th and 6th May 2017 to raise funds for and awareness of the work of the LA. A huge well done Richard!

Our Funding and Communications Officer Joel Clark was there to see Richard off at the start of his walk and was there to greet him at the end. This is Joel's account of this amazing achievement – Richard is having a well-earned rest:
At 8am last Friday I watched Richard disappear into the distance a lot quicker than I had expected! I had to navigate along his route and meet him every 30minutes which was roughly 2.5miles. I'd find a suitable place to park the car and would be tracking him along his route waiting for his arrival to provide refreshments - it never felt like I was waiting long!

He kept up this pace all day and looked incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately, I left him around 5pm and typically I got stuck in traffic on the M25 coming home. It made me chuckle as I knew Richard would be going a lot faster than me! I felt guilty in leaving him though as I knew he would be walking through the night and I was tired just supporting him!
80 miles in 19 hours 20 minutes!
He told me with just 35miles to go that he was thinking he could be done as early at 1am. I didn't hear much from him after then but could see he was still making great progress, I left at 10pm to meet him and support him to the finish line and by the time I reached him he had started to struggle.

Understandably he was a lot slower than he was on Friday, I was now walking with him for longer distances than on Friday. He was staggering about and walking through dark, windy country lanes. He told me at one point that he was hallucinating
Richard comfortably walking just 2.5 hours into the challenge
I kept an eye on his progress before going to bed, he was still walking at a good pace.

He had told me he would be walking slower at night so when I woke early the next morning I was stunned to see his position on the live tracking map. I thought something was wrong so looked at his Twitter feed and could see that he had reached the halfway stage at 4:30am, 80miles in 19hours 20minutes. I had told Richard that I wanted to be there as he crossed the finishing line, but I didn’t know when that would be. To complete it in 48hours he would have to be finished by 8am on Sunday but he was looking comfortable to complete before then.

I was in contact with him throughout the day and told me he that a couple of our members had come out to cheer him on! Thanks to those that did as it was greatly appreciated by Richard and gave him an extra boost on route.
Staggering through dark, windy country lanes. Richard begun to hallucinate.
and he thought he saw a baby and balloon in the road. He even took the wrong route at one stage so we decided to meet at every junction rather than every mile and I would walk beside him as much as I could.

At 2am he told me he was considering quitting , but didn’t want to let everyone down. I told him he only had 5.5 miles to go and it was nothing compared to what he had already accomplished.
Richard at the finishing line, sitting down for the first time in 44 hours!
It was a slow struggle but Richard managed to put one foot in front of the other for the rest of the route. When he got to the finish line, he celebrated with his hands in the air but I just remember seeing his legs shaking. He sat down for the first time in 44hours! He began to feel faint and had to lie down on the cold ground for a few minutes before he could get back up again.

I am pleased to say that Richard managed to complete a 158mile lap of the M25 within 43hours 58minutes , well within the target!

I had the pleasure of supporting Richard on this challenge and I saw first-hand how tough it was and how much he put his body and mind through. It’s a truly awesome achievement.

Please donate whatever you can to celebrate Richard’s endurance triumph, he truly deserves your support

Thanks for your continued support
LA Team
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