Sunday the 3rd of December is European Limb Loss Day and the International Day for Persons with a Disability. These days were created to raise awareness of the barriers and facilitators to inclusion for people with disabilities and specifically people with limb Loss or limb difference. 


Three charities, the Limbless Association, LimbPower and Steps who work with these community have come together to create a new campaign called I Can, You Can, We Can. This campaign will focus on what can be achieved by individuals alone, ‘I Can’, with the support from charities and organisations ‘You Can’ and with the support of healthcare professionals and the prosthetic industry, ‘We Can’.


On Wednesday 29th November, a team of amputees, charity staff and healthcare professionals climbed the iconic O2 to launch the campaign.  The climb highlights what can be achieved with the right attitude, support and equipment when we all work together.


We proved #WECAN and successfully climbed over the O2, there were 8 members on #TeamLA and over half of the team were not great with heights! It was a cold, wet and windy morning but thankfully the rain stopped before we embarked on our journey, unfortunately we had to deal with the remaining elements! There were a couple of nerves beforehand but everyone supported each other and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The views at the top were spectacular and was worth the steep incline on the canvas walkway beforehand, we took a few pictures at the top which can be found at the foot of this page.


There were 3 amputees in our group and collectively they have raised over £1,000 so far, a huge WELLDONE and THANKYOU to everyone that took part for #TeamLA but also our charity partners Steps and Limbpower.


Fantastic effort from all to show what #ICAN #YOUCAN #WECAN achieve with the right attitude, support and equipment when we all work together - the Limbless Association are proud to be a part of this campaign.


If you would like to contribute to our online fundraiser pages please see links below: