ARU Garden Party 2017


The Amputee Rehabilitation Unit in Kennington, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust has now been open for 4 years.  This unit provides intensive inpatient rehabilitation over 7 days for  both new and established amputees requiring intensive rehabilitation. 

On the 1st September the ARU hosted a Garden Party for present and past patients from the previous 2 years.  It was an opportunity to celebrate successes of our patients and of the unit.

The party allowed us to be joined by the people at the heart of what we are all here for – the people we have provided care for and who have shown great courage in working with us to pick up their lives with ongoing bravery  following major limb amputation.

It was also about building integrity, to bring together people to celebrate their achievements and to share their learning and experiences not only from their rehabilitation at the ARU but also to bring  together previous patients ongoing experiences and learning from their home and work life and their prosthetic care as an outpatient.  It was an occasion to reconnect with achievement, to celebrate this but also to learn in a way that informs how we can all do things better.

The Garden Party also saw the launch of our new Garden Project, with the help of the Guys and St Thomas’ Charity the gardening group that is run at the ARU for our patients is being developed with new equipment and resources such as raised flower, vegetable and herb beds.  The aim is that the produce of this will be sold back to the community and to the trust with money raised used to further invest into the garden project.  Feedback from patients has been very positive about this initiative and this aspect of rehabilitation provided here, ensuring occupation is at the focus of individualised rehabilitation.

We thank the Limbless Association for being a part of this event, and for their continued support.  I would also like to say a thank you to Stuart Holt who has sadly passed recently, who the ARU will remember fondly, Stuart has always been a fantastic support to our centre and to our patients.


Jodie Georigou

Advanced Amputee Rehabilitation Practitioner and ARU Clinical Lead