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Limb Loss Legal Panel

The Limbless Association established the Limb Loss Legal Panel; a consortium of leading law firms in the UK specialising in personal injury, clinical negligence and legal cases where catastrophic injury and amputation occur.  Its aim was to provide Limbless Association members with the highest quality legal advice, on a free initial-consultation basis.


To ensure that justice and rehabilitation is always combined in the best interests of our members and to provide access to specialist legal advice, the Limb Loss Legal Panel has been overhauled and expanded and we have established a region based Limb Loss Legal Panel with a freephone Legal Panel helpline.

There are 11 regions and it is intended to have at least two law firms per region.  In this way, expert legal advice will be available within your own area.  We are seeking to appoint leading specialist solicitors with experience in medical/clinical negligence or catastrophic injury from the Legal 500 list of law firms.  As law firms are added to the Limb Loss Legal Panel, their details are included under the Limb Loss Legal Panel members page with a link to their own website.

Contact Us

Whatever your requirement, whether you have a valid claim for compensation, need legal representation on any issue or simply want some initial information and advice, the Limb Loss Legal Panel can help you.  For further details, please contact Deborah Bent on 0800 644 0186 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.