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Benefits Information

Information on Welfare Benefits has been supplied for the benefit of amputees and the limb loss community.  It is provided to help you understand some of the disability benefits that may apply to you. 

These may not be the only benefits that you could claim. For more information on the full range of disability related benefits, visit the Government’s website by clicking here.

If you have an amputation or congenital limb loss related query regarding welfare benefits, please call our Welfare benefits advisor  on 0800 644 0185 or 01245 216669. Alternatively you can email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Disability benefits finder

The information below lists the main benefits that could be claimed by an individual with limb loss.   If you feel that one of the benefits listed below may be relevance to you, click on the link to access more detailed information about that benefit. 

Do you have ill health or a disability?

Attendance Allowance

If you are:

  • Aged 65 or over;
  • Having difficulty with your personal care;
  • Not already receiving Personal Independence Payment or Disability Living Allowance

then you could consider claiming Attendance Allowance

Personal Independence Payment

If you are:

  • Aged 16 – 64 at first point of claim
  • Having difficulty with your daily living or mobility

then you could consider claiming Personal Independence Payment

Disability Living Allowance

if you:

  • Are aged between birth and 64 at first point of claim (New claims only allowed for children living in UK or adults living in Northern Ireland);
  • Have difficulty with your personal care or mobility;
  • Are unable to work due to ill health or disability

then you could consider claiming Disability Living Allowance.  

(NB. Current claimants will be expected to claim Personal Independence Payment at some point.)

Are you unable to work due to ill-health or disability?

Statutory Sick Pay


  • You are an employee who is off work through sickness
  • You are not self employed

then you could consider claiming Statutory Sick Pay

Employment and Support Allowance


  • You are aged 16 – pension age;
  • Your ability to work is limited through ill health or disability
  • You are not entitled to Statutory Sick Pay

then you could consider claiming Employment and Support Allowance

Are you a carer?

Carers Allowance

if you are: 

  • Aged 16 or over;
  • Care for a severely disabled person for 35 or more hours per week;

 Then you could consider claiming Carers Allowance

 Council Tax / Rates

Ways to reduce Council Tax / Rates

Information includes:

  • The Disability Reduction Scheme;
  • The Discount Scheme;
  • Council Tax / Rate Reduction

For further details please click here

Helpful Information

Useful Information factsheet

Information includes:

  • Help with travel
  • Adaptation grants
  • VAT relief
  • Cinema card
  • Radar Key

For further details click here