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This is a quick guide to some of the most commonly faced problems & recommended solutions.


Back /  Hip Pain, Blisters & Sores, Phantom Pain

Always refer to your GP and/or Limb Fitting Centre (LFC) to report any problems/pain.  Seek immediate medical advice on all health & comfort issues.  For phantom pain, you should refer to your Consultant, Prosthetist, Pain Nurse and/or GP for specific advice.  See our website for general information.


Stump Care

Refer to your Consultant/Prosthetist.  Most Centres will give you specific advice.  Our website also provides a useful document on this issue.


Stump Socks

Discuss the options with your Prosthetist and choose the right sock for you. If you are not happy, speak to your Prosthetist and try an alternative.  If you run out of socks, contact your LFC directly.  You should wear a clean sock everyday.


Silicone Cosmesis

The decision to fund and supply a cosmesis is made by your local Trust and the outcome can vary depending on individual needs and local budgets.  Refer to your Prosthetist to see if this is available to you.  If not, you would have to contact a Private Prosthetic Clinic.


Counselling & Therapy

Some LFCs have a counsellor on-site.  Ask your Consultant about this or contact The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).


Help for Carers

Help is available for cares.  Government advice can be found here, while a charity website for carers can be found here.  There are also two charities offering help to the parents of children with limb loss; namely REACH for children with upper limb loss & STEPS for children with lower limb loss.


Walking & Exercise

Exercise should be specific to you and its nature and extent may well change over the course of your rehabilitation.  Always refer to a professional physiotherapist and get advice prior to starting any new exercise regime.  You should cease activities that cause severe pain or discomfort and refer back to your physiotherapist and/or consultant for advice.


Complaints about your Centre

Always try to discuss these problems with the staff at the Centre first.  If, following discussions, you are still unhappy then please contact the Limbless Association or discuss the issue with your GP, who may be able to refer you to a different Centre. 


Disagreements with the NHS

There are guidelines for making formal complaints about the NHS.  For more information, refer to this document published by the Care Quality Commission.


Disability Rights

For further information on disability rights, please contact the Equality & Human Rights Commission on

0845 604 6610 – England

0845 604 5510 – Scotland

0845 604 8810 – Wales

or visit their website – 


Private Treatment

For a list of private prosthetic clincs in the UK, please visit our Directory page.


Amputee Services Abroad

As the Limbless Association is a UK based national charity, the majority of our information is specific to the UK.  If you are looking for information on another region, we would suggest that you try contacting the relevant local authority or healthcare service in that country.


Unwanted Prosthesis

Generally speaking, old limbs cannot be returned to the NHS as the components cannot be reused.  However, several DSCs are able to dispose of old limbs via small charities or organisations that collect and export them overseas.  We would suggest asking if your DSC is able to dispose of an old prosthesis in this fashion. Alternatively, please contact our office on 01245 216670 to see if we can help you find a suitable home for your old or unwanted limbs



If you own a driving licence, you are required to notify the DVLA if you have had an amputation.  Your insurance premium should not go up as a result.



Most travel agents should be able to provide specific information on disabled access and facilities on request.  Most airports will have a Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) facility and it is worth contacting them before travelling to arrange assistance for the journey through the airport.  Before travelling or  going on holiday, it would be prudent to visit your Centre to ensure that everything is OK with your prosthetics.



Please visit the Sports section of our website or call our Sports Development Officer on 01245 216670.  For specific information on sports in your area, please contact your local authority or look at our Disability Sports A-Z which can be found on our Sports page.



Contact the Limbless Association on 0800 644 0185 for information & advice or visit the Volunteer Visitor section of our website.