In August 2015, Tammy’s mum had her left leg amputated. She also suffers from angina and arthritis. Her mum has also been told that she will need to have her right leg amputated too and thereafter is very likely never to walk again as she has been told that her heart won’t take the strain of trying to walk on 2 prosthetic legs. Every day is hard for her as she cannot do the things she wants to do and is also looking after Tammy’s 33 year old disabled sister with support from her dad who takes care of them both. Tammy and Lianne, her other sister, do their best to support their family which they do around their full-time jobs. Tammy explains “Every day is a struggle for her now not being able to do what most people take for granted, it's had a big life changing effect on her and the whole family. We wanted to raise as much money as possible so people like my mam can get the help and support they deserve and need”


Tammy and her friends decided to take on the challenge of the Total Warrior in September 2016 ( with the Limbless Association as their chosen charity. “It was a fantastic day we had a great fun! The full team loved every minute of it and am so happy with the amount we raised. Just seeing my mams face when she found out we were all taking part in Total Warrior for her, made my day to see her smile!!! All our t-shirts were game over.”




The Limbless Association make no charge for its services, so that no amputee is ever left without the information and support they need. We rely on the generosity of the public and our amazing fundraisers like Tammy , their support has assisted the LA with 35 years of ensuring that no amputee need cope alone


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