I'm 29 years old, I have spina bifida and I became a below knee amputee November 2013. At the time of surgery I was also 5 months pregnant.  

My husband and I were getting married in March 2015 so my goal was to walk down the aisle.

My husband along with our 4 girls were my tower of strength and kept me going. As a suprise on our wedding day I broke it to my husband that I had booked a skydive for us both in the following September and we decided we were going to take the opportuning to help out where we could so that's where the Limbless Association came in. I am still having issues with my limb and I am currently recovering from my 3rd surgery in 4 years. I have attached some photos that I think will be relevant to our journey in fundraising for a fantastic cause. 



I couldn't sleep the night before the skydive, we were both so excited and on the morning of the skydive we couldn't wait to get there!  My husband and I left to drive up from Swansea to Swindon and my parents followed with the children so they could watch. When we arrived it was all go, we got introduced to our tandem jumpers, suited and booted in our jumpsuits and harness had a safety briefing (which I don't think went in at all after hearing the words 13,000ft and 120mph!)



We then walked out to the aircraft, they lifted me in, then I had to remove my prosthetic. There we 3 pairs jumping on our flight and of course my husband sent me out before him haha. As we climbed up to altitude I was getting so nervous, it was a light aircraft and It felt a little unsteady. Of course my husband was buzzing and couldn't wait. We then had the signal from that pilot. I remember sliding towards the door and thinking of everything I had been through to get to this point. It was very emotional. I blew a kiss to my husband and gave a nod to my instuctor.  As he tilted my head back my heart was racing and we just fell forward. I had a feeling in my stomach like I had just gone down a massive hill on a roller coaster.  The free fall was so exhilarating, a feeling I will never forget. As he pulled the parachute and we were sailing down to the ground I was buzzing. I wanted to do it all over again.  It was an undesirable feeling, I felt invincible! As we hit the floor my husband followed a few minutes later and we had a great big hug. We had been through so much the last few years but we probably wouldn't of had that wonderful experience together if we hadn't.  Our children were so proud of us. I'd like to think that as they grow up with an amputee for a mum they will also want to follow in footsteps and do something amazing like that and raising money for things close to their heart. 




The Limbless Association make no charge for its services, so that no amputee is ever left without the information and support they need. We rely on the generosity of the public and our amazing fundraisers like Becky & Richard , their support has assisted the LA with 35 years of ensuring that no amputee need cope alone


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