I have had operations every year of my life since I was born to try correct the problem I had with my ankle and foot turning in and not been flat on the floor but nothing ever worked it always went back after surgery, so the decison was made to stop all the pain and all the recovery over and over and have amputation done which was the best decision I made.


So because of all the help I had over the years, I decided I wanted to give something back to either the NHS or a charity such as the LA that would help other people with prosthesis. But at the same time I wanted to challenge myself and I have been to the Isle of Wight on a holiday before so I knew it was the perfect place to take up the 67 mile coastal walk round the island and my two friends Jonny and Rob where very keen to be apart of this amazing challenge for the Limbless Association.


It took us three days to complete and we had planned to stay over at three different places. We managed to get our stuff moved from one place to the other while we was doing the walk so we didn’t have too much to carry with us. I had one bag on my back which had my spare prosthetic leg, incase I needed to swap over but on the first day I stupidly forgot some integral parts to make the change so I was carrying it for no reason!

Throughout the walk I was getting very tired and had cut my stump in the prosthetic leg, I had to bandage it up each morning and take pain killers and soldier through. Towards the end of one of the days, I was in alot of pain and my mate Jonny wanted to see if he could lift me on his shoulders. He succceeded but that was without my prosthetic leg so was less weight!



The Limbless Association make no charge for its services, so that no amputee is ever left without the information and support they need. We rely on the generosity of the public and our amazing fundraisers like Mike , their support has assisted the LA with 35 years of ensuring that no amputee need cope alone


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